Ireland Abú means "To Ireland the Victory"

"We will drown them all out with a big ABÚ,
We're Irish, we are proud and we are true!!!"
(Ireland Abú song verse 3, see full youtube song and lyrics below, Ireland Abú)
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Song Title: Ireland Abú

© 2012-2016 Raeside, Conway, Csapo, Raeside

Ireland, Ireland, Ireland Abú,
Republic of Ireland,
Coming through
Ireland, Ireland, Ireland Abú,
Were Irelands Green Army,
And well win through

Verse 1:
We dont mind if your striker plays for Barça
Man United, Munich or Madrid,
Cause when the boys in green are on the ball,
Uhhh, Man-on-man we can beat them all


Verse 2:
We dont care if were up against champions,
Cause theyre only as good as their next game,
The Euro finals will be where we live THE DREAM!!!
Cause our boys in green are the greatest team


Verse 3:
The English say 'Com'on', the French 'Allez La France',
The Italians chant 'Avanti' when they roar,
We will drown them all out with a big 'ABÚ'
We're Irish, we are proud, and we are true!!!.

Chorus x 2

Why Ireland Abú?

Literally Abú means forever and it is an Irish word (Gaeilge), therefore, "Ireland Abú" would literally mean "Ireland forever". However Abú is regularly used as a way of showing support. It is particularly used within the GAA (Gaelic games) to show support for your county team. Generally, Abú has not been widely used at international level to show support for Irish teams representing our country. This is something we hope will change from this year on; with a little help from a song we've written we're hoping that the Ireland fans will shout a BIG ABÚ to the Irish abroad and at home at the international level. We think the phrase "Ireland Abú" is widely acceptable on the international stage and will represent all cultures in our country. The full Irish translation for "Ireland Abú" would be "Éire Abú" since "Éire" is the Irish word for Ireland, however, in Ireland we are accustomed to using both English and Irish together.

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